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Each student is an individual with their own needs


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Hidie Reed

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Name, Gender and/or Pronoun Change

Why might a student want to change their name, Gender and/or pronouns?

There are many reasons why a student may want or need to change their name. Sometimes a student experiences a change in family status through adoption, marriage or divorce. Sometimes a student may want to change their name, gender and/or pronouns to align with their gender identity. All students have the right to assert their name and pronouns to be used at school in alignment with their gender identity and be affirmed and supported by the HUSD community to do so. These rights are protected by California law and HUSD Board Policy [CA Ed Code 221.5; BP 5145.9; AR 5145.3]. 

Option 1: A student may change their name and/or pronouns that are used at school and in the classroom. Data systems do not change. Their name and pronouns will be noted on sub rosters. 

Option 2: A student may change their name and/or gender with a Name Change Form and parent/guardian signature. Name and gender will be changed in Infinite Campus and all HUSD data systems.

Each column below explains the process for these two options.


Option 1:                                      NAME AND/OR GENDER WITHOUT A NAME CHANGE FORM
  • A student has the right to be known as and referred to by their asserted name and pronouns that are aligned with their gender identity. This is guaranteed by California law and HUSD AR 5145.3.
  • When a parent or guardian signature is not available, a student can inform their principal or counselor that they will be using their asserted name and pronouns at school.
  • The student can also self-advocate and inform their teachers. It can be helpful to also let a principal or counselor know, so they can inform staff in a confidential way and support the change.
what will happen at school when a student requests Option 1?
  • The student will be referred to by their asserted name and pronouns. 
  • The student’s asserted name and pronouns can be noted in the “nickname” field within Infinite Campus for school staff to see.  
  • The principal or counselor will ask the student if it is okay to use the student's asserted name and pronouns with parents. If it is not okay, the principal or counselor will inform teachers confidentially by email to use only the student's legal/roster name and gender with parents.
  • The principal or counselor will also select the appropriate flags in Infinite Campus to serve as reminders for staff. 
  • Office staff should check the nickname box when printing substitute rosters and cross out legal first name. Substitute teachers need to be reminded about confidentiality. 
  • Please note - The following student records will not change: Legal/roster name in Infinite Campus, printed teacher rosters from Infinite Campus, Parent Portal and Student Portal.         Also, the student's asserted name is not a "nickname" and is not optional to use. We acknowledge the student is declaring their asserted name. We are only using the nickname field as a workaround in the system. 


OPTION 2:                                        name and/or gender with a Name change form
  • To get a Name Change Form, contact Cheri Smith, HUSD Enrollment Supervisor at 510-723-3857, ext. 34204 or by email at

  • The Name Change Form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student is under the age of 18.

  • If the name and/or gender change is a Legal Change, then court documents will be required.

  • If the name and/or gender change is not a legal change, the student can still change their name without court documents. The simple one page HUSD form with parent or guardian signature is enough. In this case, the legal name/birth name will remain hidden in the data systems, but the student's asserted name and/or gender will now appear as the roster name in all HUSD information systems. 

  • Email a scanned copy of the Name Change Form (signed by a parent or guardian)  to Cheri Smith, HUSD Enrollment Supervisor (  or bring a hard copy to the HUSD Enrollment Center, 24823 Soto Road, Room 18.

what will happen at school when a student requests option 2?
  • The student will be referred to by their asserted name and pronouns.

  • The student's roster name and/or gender will be changed in Infinite Campus and reflected on all printed rosters, etc. Other HUSD and California data systems update within 48 hours.

  • School site staff make changes to the cumulative record folder, student ID, diploma, etc.

  • Teachers and staff are informed confidentially by the counselor or principal.

  • Teachers and staff maintain confidentiality and do not share about the student's gender identity with other students or people who do not need to know.

  • EIT help desk request will be needed to change name for district email and Google Classroom.

  • Please note: Only a legal name change with court documents will change the name on graduation transcripts. 

  • Regardless of the level of parent or guardian awareness or participation, the student will be supported at school to be referred to by their asserted name and pronouns.

  • If it might be helpful, school staff can help a student talk to their parents about their identity if or when they are ready.

  • School staff will make every effort to understand a student's unique situation and offer support. We can not guarantee a perfect situation with no mistakes, but will work together with a student to respond to their needs. 

are school STAFF members and Students required to use the student's asserted name and pronouns?
  • YES! Every effort must be made to consistently use a student's asserted name and pronouns at school. Continuing to use a transgender and/or non-binary student's legal name and pronouns in verbal or written form when avoidable is known as "deadnaming" a student and often causes harm.

  • Honest mistakes might happen and do not count as harassment. However, if any staff or student refuses to refer to a student by their chosen name and pronouns, that is considered harassment. School staff must intervene and ensure a safe environment.


page updated February 2022