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College and Career Resources

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College Preparedness

A-G Requirements
AP/Honors Courses
Puente (Bret Harte, Ochoa, Winton, Hayward, Tennyson, Mt. Eden)
Upward Bound (Tennyson)
AVID (All middle schools, Mt. Eden, Tennyson, Hayward)
Farmers to Pioneers (Hayward High)
LISTAS (All schools, 8th-9th grades)

Career Pathways

Engineering (Hayward High)
Entrepreneurship (Hayward, Tennyson, Mt. Eden)
Biomedical (Hayward, Tennyson)
Multimedia Academy (Tennyson)
Art and Technology (Mt. Eden)
Advanced Manufacturing (Brenkwitz)
Wood Technology (Hayward)
Theater (Hayward High)
Regional Occupation Programs


The Hayward Unified School District offers a variety of college preparedness programs, career pathways, award-winning visual and performing arts programs, state-of-the-art facilities, dual language immersion programs in Spanish and Mandarin, athletics, and more. 

Language Programs


HUSD offers several language programs that encourage learning  in dual languages. Your children will work with our trained language specialists.



  1. Bilingual Alternative: The Bilingual Alternative program is a specialized program of instruction in both English and Spanish for Spanish-speaking English learners, including those fluently proficient in English. The goal is to learn both languages with mastery of academic core content and with fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Instruction is in English and Spanish.
    • Bowman (6th grade)
    • Cherryland
    • Glassbrook
    • Harder
    • Longwood
    • Park
    • Ruus (2nd-6th)
    • Schafer Park
    • Strobridge
    • Palma Ceia
    • Tyrrell Elementary School
  2. Dual Immersion: Dual Language Immersion programs bring together native English speakers and native speakers of another language in a unique opportunity for both groups to learn a second language. Students are taught in English for 50% of the day and in Spanish or Mandarin for the other 50% of the day. Interactive lessons encourage students from both language groups to help each other understand, speak, read, and write one another's home language. All students gain a second language in this enriched educational environment. Learn more about academic programs for English learners.
    • Burbank and Schafer Park Elementary Schools (Spanish)
    • Stonebrae Elementary (Mandarin)
  3. Secondary School Language Programs: Mandarin, Japanese, French and Spanish are offered at the secondary level.

Middle College
What is Middle College?

The Middle College Program is open to all middle school students and provides the opportunity to earn college credits. Beginning in the 7th grade, our young scholars can take college-level courses and learn new study techniques.

HUSD provides students opportunities to explore their interest in a variety of visual and performing arts.  Choir, orchestra, jazz band, marching band, photography, and design are just some of the programs offered. 

Articulated Courses

Articulation is the process by which Chabot College links (or articulates) its courses with high schools, regional occupational programs and other transfer institutions.